The 6-Month Replacement Warranty for Quality-Related Issues applies to physical products purchased from anobik.com or an authorized reseller.

What does Replacement Warranty cover?

The warranty covers functional abnormalities under normal use during the warranty period.

Any software related issues will be under the service warranty coverage if the problem is not caused by the user/customer.

What isn’t covered by the warranty?

  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers
  • Improperly operated devices or physically damaged products
  • Damaged due to short circuit, broken display, bending, scratch, dent, burn, soaked or liquid damage, improper wiring etc. will void warranty
  • Purchases made over 6 months ago (unless otherwise stated)
  • Non-quality-related issues (after 3 days of purchase)
  • Accessories included with the product (i.e. Cables, Converters and Connectors etc.)
  • Free products

Where should I go to get the warranty?

You will have to give us a mail or phone call describing the problem or issue elaborately. After analyzing the problem, we will advise you the next steps.

Anobik Technologies will ensure the product repairing or replacement within 10 working days.

If you face any product failure or functionality problem after the warranty period, you can also contact us for repairing purpose. In that case, if additional parts are required then you will have to bear the spare parts cost along with service charge.

If your product is non-functional on arrival or is otherwise eligible for return, you can call Anobik Technologies at +8801788998080 within 3 days of delivery to initiate a return or exchange (subject to Return Policy). If more than 3 days have passed after delivery, Call our hotline or contact us at [email protected] warranty service.



1. When does the warranty begin?
It begins the day you place your order.

2. How do I claim the warranty?

Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.

If you believe the items is defective and under warranty, please contact us at [email protected] or call hotline number.

3. How will I get the warranty if I live outside Dhaka?

If you live outside Dhaka, please send your product by Courier Service. After receiving your product, it will take 10-15 working days to ensure service of your product and deliver the product back to you.

4. What is a valid proof of purchase?

A dated sales receipt from anobik.com or authorized Reseller that shows a description of the product along with its serial number and price.

5. What if I don’t have any proof of purchase?

  • If you made your purchase through anobik.com, we may be able to locate your order using your email address, name or shipping addresses.
  • If you made your purchase through an authorized Anobik Reseller, you may contact the Reseller to see if they can provide a copy of your receipt.
  • If the product was a gift, you may ask the giver to provide you with a copy of the receipt or claim the warranty on your behalf.

6. Will the warranty be renewed if my product is replaced?

The warranty continues from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after a replacement has been provided.

7. Who are authorized Anobik Retailers and Resellers?

Please check our Distributor lists from our website or contact us at [email protected].

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